International Road Safety Conference on Speeding

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) will host its 2010 International Road Safety Conference at Dublin Castle on Monday 31st May 2010.


The theme of the conference is ‘Speeding’ and will run from 9.30am to 4.00pm in the Main Conference Hall, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

The conference will be addressed by experts from Ireland, the UK, Sweden and Belgium working in the area of road safety, with particular emphasis on the risks and consequences of speeding.

The conference will include presentations on:

  • research into the role speeding plays in road casualties
  • speeding in an EU context
  • case studies on the effectiveness of safety cameras from the UK and Sweden
  • the importance of an integrated enforcement and education model for safety cameras
  • the consequences of speeding from a medical perspective.

This conference is being held to raise awareness and understanding in the lead-up to the implementation of the safety camera strategy as part of the overall Road Safety Strategy 2007-2012 in Ireland.

Please register your attendance for this conference before close of business on Wednesday 26th May 2010.

Places for this conference are limited so please register your attendance early to avoid disappointment.