EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) and National Approval of Motor Vehicles

Type approval helps remove barriers to trade for manufacturers and ensures that new vehicles are manufactured to prescribed safety and environmental standards.

National Type Approval Schemes: Introduction of EURO VI Emission Standards for Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV)

Introduction of Euro VI emissions standards for nationally approved Heavy Commercial Vehicles (Goods vehicles with EU classification N2 & N3 and Passenger Vehicles with EU classification M2 & M3).

Please be advised of the revised implementation dates below for the introduction of EURO VI emission standards for nationally approved HCVs:

  1. Euro VI from 1 July 2017 for incomplete (and complete) builds. 1 July 2017 is the implementation date for the introduction of Euro VI emission standards for all nationally type approved vehicles undergoing the first stage of a multi-stage build (incomplete) or vehicles built in a single stage (complete). It will not be possible for a manufacturer to issue an incomplete or a complete CoC on National Small Series Type Approvals (NSSTA) for a Euro V HCV after this date; and
  2. Euro VI from 1 January 2018 for completed builds. 1 January 2018 is the implementation date for the introduction of Euro VI emission standards for all individually approved and multi-stage built (completed) vehicles. After this date the NSAI will not grant an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA), nor will it be possible for a manufacturer to issue a COC on NSSTAs that are Euro V after this date.

For more information on this, please download our information note (PDF)

Since October 29th 2014, all new vehicles (including trailers but excluding agricultural vehicles) require type approval certification in order to be sold or registered in Ireland or any EU Member State.


Recent type approval dates

New Completed Heavy Commercial Vehicles
(EU Classification N2 & N3
Gross Vehicle Design Weight in excess of 3,500kg)
Special Purpose Vehicles (categories N1, N2, N3, M2, M3, O1, O2, O3 and O4)

From October 29th 2014 type approval has extended to include all vehicles  

A stakeholder information note is available to down load from here.



Please see our vehicle categories section for EU definitions of the various vehicle categories. Further information on obtaining type approval is available in our obtaining type approval section

Currently all new passenger cars are required to have type approval in the form of either ECWVTA, NSSTA (National Small Series Type Approval) or IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) in order to be registered in Ireland.

Companies or individuals involved in the manufacture or registration of new passenger cars are required to have an EC or NSSTA Certificate of Conformity (CoC) or an IVA certificate for each new vehicle presented for registration.

The Framework Directive (2007/46/EC) was negotiated over several years and extends whole vehicle type approval (at various implementation dates) from passenger cars to include all other motor vehicle categories including:

  • vans
  • minibuses
  • buses
  • coaches
  • heavy goods vehicles
  • caravans
  • light and heavy trailers
  • horseboxes

Up until the future mandatory approval dates, these vehicles must meet with our current entry into service regulations. 

You can view a legislative guide which provides an overview of the current type approval and entry into service legislation which is applicable 


Further Information

Queries with regard to type approval and entry into service legislation can be sent to or alternatively telephone 096 - 25040/25014 

The NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) is Ireland’s approval authority and are responsible for issuing all national approvals (IVA or NSSTA) for vehicles in Ireland. For more information on making an application for approval, please visit or phone 01‐8073919 or 01‐8073832.”