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  • What is my driver number?
  • My details are not recognised when applying online
  • I have received the error message "You have an open application"
  • I could not select a driving test appointment
  • When will I receive a test date?
  • Urgent test appointment
  • I want to cancel/reschedule my test appointment
  • Where can I send my documents to?
  • I drive an Automatic vehicle
  • Driving Test Vehicle
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    What is my driver number?

    You require your driver number in order to be able to apply for a driving test. Your driver number is unique to you for all your licence records and can be obtained from the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS). You can contact the NDLS online here, by phone at 076-1087880, or by visiting your local NDLS office.

    My details are not recognised when applying online

    Your driver number is the nine digit number that appears at number 4d. on your learner permit. You can apply for your driving test if your learner permit is out of date. Please ensure that you enter your name and date of birth exactly as they appear on your learner permit. This is not case sensitive, however, please ensure to enter apostrophes, spaces and fada’s. PPS number not accepted: If you are having problems with your PPSN you can leave it out of your application as it is not mandatory to include it unless you are applying for a CPC test. Line 2 of your address required: If you do not have a line 2 of your address, please repeat line 1 of your address into line 2 and save these changes.

    I have received the error message "You have an open application"

    This can occur if you attempt to use the back button whilst completing your driving test application or if you exit and try to re-enter your application without having completed same. Please exit the application completely for one hour and you will be able to reapply

    I could not select a driving test appointment

    Self-scheduling a test appointment is only available at the application stage. Once you enter your payment details you can select a test date and time if one is available. You cannot re-enter the calendar of dates once you have exited the application. If a test date and time is not available in your chosen test centre we will schedule a test appointment for you adhering to the waiting times in your preferred test centre and send you the details at a later stage.

    First-time learner permit holders (in categories for cars, motorcycles and works vehicles (eg, tractors, JCBs) must wait six months after the start date of the particular licence category before they can sit their driving test. We will automatically schedule an appointment for you when this period has lapsed and your EDT has been completed.

    Have you completed Essential Driver Training: Those taking out a first time car learner permit on or after 4th April 2011 have to take structured lessons. We cannot schedule you for a driving test until all 12 lessons of your Essential Driver Training (EDT) have been completed and uploaded to our system by your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). You can check your uploaded EDT lessons by clicking here

    If you find that there are any issues relating to lessons not uploaded please contact your ADI directly. If you are unable to resolve the issue with your ADI, you can contact the ADI Unit at

    When will I receive a test date?

    You can view the waiting times for your preferred test centre on the RSA website Please note that waiting times may increase from time to time depending on the volume of applications that we receive. You will receive notification of your test date 4 weeks in advance of the test appointment date. If you choose to receive a cancellation appointment, we will notify you when an appointment becomes available for you. You will receive a minimum of 10 days notice of your appointment.

    Urgent test appointment

    If you urgently require a test appointment please contact our helpline and our Customer Care Centre will assist you in any way we can. The opening hours are: 8:30 -17:00 Monday – Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and the telephone number is 1890406040, 09625000, outside Ireland 00353-9625000.

    I want to cancel/reschedule my test appointment

    You can cancel/reschedule a test appointment on two occasions, once you give ten days notice, without forfeiting your fee paid. If you cancel your test appointment and give less than ten days notice or if you cancel more than twice you will lose your test fee. You may cancel online at, by email to, by phone at LoCall 1890406040, in writing or by fax on 096-78290.

    Where can I send my documents to?

    You can forward any requested documentation by email to, by fax to 096-78290 or by post to Driver Testing Section, Moy Valley Business Park, Primrose Hill, Ballina, Co. Mayo, F26 V6E4.

    I drive an Automatic vehicle

    You are not required to notify the Road Safety Authority that you will be sitting your driving test in an automatic vehicle. You can take your driving test in an automatic vehicle, however if you pass the driving test in a vehicle with automatic transmission, your driving licence will only allow you to drive a vehicle with automatic transmission. If you pass your driving test in a manual vehicle you will be licensed to drive both automatic transmission and manual cars.

    Driving Test Vehicle

    You are required to bring a vehicle to the test centre on the day of your driving test. The Road Safety Authority do not provide a vehicle for your driving test. You must be insured to drive the vehicle. The vehicle must display a current valid original insurance Disc, current valid motor tax disc and NCT disc, if required. Vehicles may be rented from Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s) in your area. For a list of Approved Driving Instructors, click here.