Tachograph cards

Digital tachograph cards are a credit card sized plastic card that contain a microchip. There are several different type of tachograph cards - depending on what work you do in road haulage business you may need a different  type of card 

Digital Tachograph driver card

Digital tachograph driver cards are required by law for bus and truck drivers. Find out how the card works, what data is stored, when to use it, and how to apply for one.

Digital Tachograph Company card

If you own a passenger or haulage company a company tachograph card will allow you to download the digital data from your vehicle units.

Workshop card

Workshop tacho cards are issued to authorised workshops only. The card allows calibration of the digital tachograph itself.

Control card

Control tachograph cards are available only to enforcement officers ( RSA Transport Officers and the Garda Siochana ). They are used to enforce digital tachograph legislation.


The law exempts the use of a tachograph for certain commercial vehicles

About tachographs

Digital tachographs are devices fitted to buses and trucks. They record the amount of time drivers spend driving and resting, as well as capturing data about the vehicle. Digital tachographs are now mandatory in the EU.

Useful Guides

The RSA have produced many guides in the area of tachographs and drivers hours.

Tachograph Equipment

Tachograph recording equipment for vehicles is mandatory in the EU.  Tachographs record key driver and vehicle information, as well as generate records that monitor the drivers' compliance with driving time rules.

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