Safe and Sober Seminar for Employers

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) held its 22nd ‘Safe and Sober’ seminar in Dublin, Thursday 24 May 2012. The seminar, which was jointly hosted by the ETSC, Road Safety Authority (RSA), Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and An Garda Síochána, is part of the ETSC’s campaign on drink driving, with a particular focus on employers.

The ‘Safe and Sober’ seminars, which are supported by Volvo Trucks and Alcohol Countermeasures System (ACS), are organised by the ETSC in selected European countries. The purpose of the seminars is to bring together road safety stakeholders, experts and organisations in order to raise awareness among employers of drink driving in the workplace, particularly in the commercial transport industry, and to explore measures to address this high risk behaviour. This seminar was followed by a demonstration of an alcohol interlock device which is widely used in the commercial transport industry throughout the EU. The device prevents a vehicle from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath.

Seminar presentations

PDF Icon Alcohol Countermeasure Systems - 25 years of progress, Bill Burger

PDF Icon Alcohol interlocks - Antonio Avenoso, European Transport Safety Council

PDF Icon IDD placed at a bus depot - Lars Holmkvist, Böras Public Transport

PDF Icon Safe and Sober Transport - Bjarke Roost, Carlsberg

PDF Icon  Mananging Intoxicants in the Workplace - Kieran Sludds, HSE

PDF Icon  Alcohol Inhibitors - Paddy Matthews, Managing Director Matthews Coaches

PDF Icon Developing organisational policy & process for alcohol and drugs - Dr Will Murray, Virtual Risk Manager

PDF Icon Volvo trucks on traffic safety - Carl Johan Almqvist