Commercial Vehicle Tyres

Maintaining your tyres and regularly checking their condition is of fundamental importance to the roadworthiness of your commercial vehicle.

Tyres must be well maintained in order to keep your commercial vehicle stable as it travels around corners, work in harmony with the vehicle’s suspension system and help the vehicle accelerate and brake effectively.
Regular checks such as making sure tyres are correctly inflated can make all the difference to the safety of your commercial vehicle, as the pressurised air inside a commercial vehicle tyre has to support the weight of the vehicle and its load.

In addition to checking that commercial vehicle tyres satisfy the minimum legal tread depth requirements (1.6 mm in Ireland) and are inflated to the correct pressure per the vehicle manufacturer or tyre manufacturer specifications, they should also be checked for damage, evidence of carcass failure and separated or perished rubber.

Wheels should also be checked regularly to ensure that no wheel nuts are missing or loose, that rims are undamaged and contain no cracks and that wheel nut pointers are aligned if fitted.