Motorcycle Tyres

As motorcyclists are more vulnerable than other motor vehicle drivers, it is particularly important that you ensure your tyres are in optimal condition.

Even though motorcycles are not subjected to periodic roadworthiness testing in Ireland, there is still a robust legal requirement for motorcyclists to ensure that their tyres are maintained in good condition.

We recommend that you check your motorcycle’s tyres regularly to ensure that:

  • they have adequate tread depth (1.0 mm is the legal limit for motorcycles in Ireland)
  • they are inflated to the correct pressure per the vehicle manufacturer or tyre manufacturer specifications
  • they are defect free
  • the wheels are correctly balanced and correctly aligned
  • wheels should also be inspected for broken, loose or missing spokes.

Inspection of the tyres is especially important because many motorcyclists embark on their first ride of the year during summer months after the winter break, during which time tyres can deteriorate due to poor winter storage, making riding a hazardous and potentially illegal activity.

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