Fast Tractor Testing

From 20 May 2018, fast tractors must undergo periodic tests and must display certificates of roadworthiness (CRWs).

A ‘fast tractor’ is defined as a wheeled tractor in category T with a maximum design speed exceeding 40 km/h.


A fast tractor will not have to undergo a commercial vehicle test if it is used:

  • for the purposes of agricultural, horticultural, forestry, farming or fishery activity solely within the State and mainly on the land where such activity takes place, including agricultural roads, forestry roads or agricultural fields
  • exclusively on a small island. This exclusion from the requirement for compulsory testing will apply to all of the islands off the Irish coast.

It is important to note that an exemption from undergoing a commercial vehicle test is not an exemption from the requirement to ensure your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition when it is used on a public road.

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