Difference between CVRT / DoE / VTN

There are a number of terms used when people talk about having their commercial vehicle tested. Find out what the difference is between CVRT / DoE / VTN

What is the difference between CVRT , DoE, VTN ?

The actual test is now called a Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) but is still commonly referred to as a DoE (Department of Environment) Test.

The reason for this is that the Department of Environment originally introduced commercial vehicle testing . They have not been involved in its regulation for a number of years.

The network of commercial vehicle testing centres where you have your commercial vehicle tested are called Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test Operators previously known as Vehicle Testing Network (VTN)

This is a network of independently owned test centres currently licensed by the Local Authority in the area and are completely separate from the National Car Testing Service (NCT) network which only test cars.