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Newsletter Spring 2017

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EDT Portal Seminars

To assist any ADIs who feel that they would like some additional support in creating their EDT Portal account, the RSA are holding four practical demonstration sessions where ADI’s can see an EDT account being created and various functions of the portal.

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Newsletter Autumn 2016 Edition

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Newsletter Spring 2016 Edition

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Notice on EDT Records

Important Note for Category ‘B’ ADI’s providing Essential Driver Training (EDT) Lessons

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EDT Review Letter

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National Consumer Agency Report

Report on Driving Instruction fees

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Newsletter 5th Edition

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Newsletter Autumn 2014 Edition

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Newsletter Spring 2015 Edition

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IBT and EDT Review

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Important Note - February 2012

Note regarding test candidates attending for their practical driving test in Category ‘B’ who were subject to the Essential Driver training (EDT) requirements yet have not produced a completed EDT logbook when requested.

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Newsletter 4th Edition

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Newsletter Spring 2012 Edition

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Newsletter Summer 2011 Edition

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Newsletter 3rd Edition

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Newsletter Winter 2010 Edition

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Newsletter 2nd Edition

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Newsletter 1st Edition

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Newsletter Autumn 2012

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