Tools for IBT Motorcycle Instructors

A resource that  provides a range of useful tools and the IBT Information Pack for IBT instructors.

IBT Resources

If you are interested in becoming an RSA approved IBT Instructor for motorcycling pleased contact the Approved driving instruction unit of the RSA who will pleased to advise you on the steps to becoming an IBT Motorcycle Instructor.

You can request that an Information Pack be sent to you or alternatively it is available for download from these pages, simply click on IBT Information Pack to begin downloading.

Becoming a Training Centre Provider

It is also possible to apply for approval a s a training centre provider and make your facilities available to IBT approved instructors who will then use the facilities in the delivery of the official IBT syllabus.

Please be aware that in order to deliver IBT training under the official syllabus you must firstly be on the RSA’s register of approved driving Instructors for Category ‘A’ (motorcycles).

In order to become approved as an IBT Instructor for motorcycles you must have access to the appropriate off road training facilities which include a classroom and training site. The requirements for these are detailed within the information pack.

Approval will involve a visit by a member of staff from the RSA who will want to inspect your classroom facilities and your training site. You do not need to own the facilities or site but must have the owner’s agreement to use them for that purpose, and provide the RSA with written confirmation, including that you have appropriate Insurance cover.

If you are the provider of an approved IBT classroom and site, please be aware that it is essential that only RSA approved IBT Instructors are allowed to use your approved facilities. To check if the proposed Instructor is approved for IBT check the IBT register.