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26 Bealtaine 2015

June Bank Holiday Aimed at Speeding Drivers

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Síochána have appealed to drivers, in the run up to the June Bank Holiday weekend to safe lives by reducing speed and to always drive at a speed appropriate to all the prevailing conditions. Over 70,000 speeding offences have already been detected in 2015. Nearly 80% of those detections were for speeds between 10 and 29 km/h over the posted speed limit. A further 10% were in excess of 30 km/h over the posted speed limit.

13 Bealtaine 2015

RSA launch Public consultation for Emergency packs in all Vehicles

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has today, launched a public consultation to seek views on the requirement for a breakdown emergency pack, including a first aid kit, a high visibility vest, a breakdown triangle and a torch to be carried in all vehicles.

1 Bealtaine 2015

Ministers Donohoe and Durkan Urge Road-users North & South to support UN Global Road Safety Week 4th - 10th May 2015

#SaveKidsLives is theme for the week as figures reveal that 47 children aged 14 and under have died on roads North and South in the past five years.



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