Approved Driving Instructors

How to become an RSA approved driving instructor – overview of the requirements, details of the exam process and useful documentation for everyone involved in the instruction industry.


The RSA strongly advises anyone considering becoming an ADI to undertake some research and to carefully evaluate your business plan. As with any start up business pre-planning and market analysis is critical to any future success and viability of a business and this is no different for ADIs who intend to make a career in the driving instruction industry.

Becoming an ADI

How to become an RSA-approved driving instructor (ADI) and what to do if you already hold a relevant qualification.


The regulations that apply to driving instructors and why they are necessary.

Reporting an Instructor

What to do if your instructor is unlicensed, or if you witness unlicensed driving instruction in your area.

Tools for ADI trainers

The RSA provides a range of information and resources for candidate-ADI trainers.

Tools for IBT

A resource that  provides a range of useful tools and the IBT Information Pack for IBT instructors.

Tools for ADIs

The RSA provides a range of useful tools and the ADI Information Pack  for approved driving instructors (ADIs).

Tools for EDT

ADIs play a key role in the RSA’s Essential Driver Training (EDT) course. Find out more about the EDT course, how to deliver EDT and the ADI’s role in relation to EDT.

Tools for ADI exams

Marking sheets and assessment guides for candidate ADI's (cADI's)

Check the ADI register

Verify your details are on the ADI Register


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