Motor Tax

The paperwork relating to the car is no less important than mechanical checks – motor tax, insurance and, if relevant, NCT should all be current

Motor tax, insurance and NCT checks

Although mechanical and technical checks of your car will tend to occupy your mind in the days leading up to a test and on test-day itself, don’t forget also to check that the car’s motor tax, insurance and, if relevant, NCT are up-to-date.

Remember: actual discs are required; letters from an insurance company or the motor tax office won’t be enough.

Be sure to check not only that the discs are valid but that all details are correct. For example:

  • Does the index number on the discs correspond to the car’s number plate?
  • Is the print on the discs clearly legible?
  • If anything is amiss, get a replacement from the relevant authority in good time.  

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