Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Initial Basic Training.

What is Initial Basic Training?

Motorcycle Initial Basic Training (IBT) is a training course for learner motorcyclists. It gives new riders a strong foundation of training on which they can build their knowledge and skills.

Why do I need to do IBT?

IBT courses are there to save lives by maximising the safety of inexperienced riders. Approximately 20 motorcyclists are killed or injured on Irish roads each year. Irrespective of who is at fault the motorcyclists will more than likely suffer worst in a collision with another vehicle.

The introduction of IBT for first time riders is part of the graduated driver licensing (GDL) system designed to enhance the way that riders and drivers are trained, tested and licensed in Ireland. Research suggests that where similar courses have been introduced in other countries, a significant contribution to road safety has been made.

How long does motorcycle IBT last?

IBT for motorcyclists is a 16/18 hour course of training broken down into separate modules. The modules are a mixture of theory and practical riding skills. While they must be taken in sequence, you can spread them over a number of days. Instructors believe that most learners will benefit from doing their IBT modules reasonably close together.

Where can I get information on IBT instructors?

We have a register of approved IBT instructors and IBT training centres to help you find qualified support in your area. Your motorcycle dealer should also be able to advise you.

How much will IBT cost?

Each instructor sets their own fees. RSA cannot dictate the price for lessons but as there are plenty of instructors around the country, there should be keen competition with prices varying. It’s worth phoning around before booking your training.

Do I have to supply my own bike?

Your instructor will let you know what you need to bring along to your IBT training, some instructors supply bikes, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and insurance cover.  Others expect you to supply your own. You need to check this before you book your training.

Is there an exam at the end?

No. Your instructor will continuously assess your progress to make sure you have achieved the objectives for each module before you move onto the next. 

Do I need to take a practical driving test?

If you have already passed your practical Driving test in one motorcycle license category you may be able to progress on to a higher category of license by either taking a practical driving test or undergoing Module 5 on the larger machine.  Be guided by your instructor as to when you should apply for your practical driving test.  IBT is just the beginning of your training and you may need to get more experience by practicing what you have learnt in IBT, before you take your test.

If I decide to ride a bigger bike, do I need to re-do IBT?

This depends on a number of factors.

If you hold a full Moped (Cat AM) driving licence and have not previously completed IBT but now you want to ride a bigger bike, you must do the full IBT course.

However, some vehicle changes only require the Progression module, a shorter course of IBT training that covers the practical aspects of modules 2 and 4. You need only do the Progression module if you want to change from:

  • A small bike to a bigger bike in a different licence category
  • An automatic bike to one with a manual transmission
  • A tricycle to a two-wheeled motorcycle

Can my Learner Permit go out of date?

Yes, if your Learner Permit has lapsed for five or more years you will have to

  • Re-take the Theory Test
  • Take out a Learner Permit and
  • Re-take IBT 

Can my certificate go out of date?

The Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of IBT ceases to be valid after two years from the date of issue. The holder must, within the period of validity either, (a) submit the certificate to the licensing authority with an application for a driving licence (full licence) under progressive access rules for the relevant licence category, or (b) make an application for a certificate of competency (driving test) for the relevant licence category. Any subsequent such application must be accompanied by a valid Certificate of satisfactory Completion of IBT. Note: Following the expiry of a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of IBT it will be necessary to successfully complete additional IBT training in order to obtain a further certificate. Visit for further details.


Can I change to a different IBT instructor?

Yes. You can move from one IBT instructor to another. However, you can only get credit for modules that were completed with your previous instructor.  At the end of each module, your instructor will certify that you have successfully completed the module by recording the details in the relevant section of your logbook.  Bring your logbook to every training session so it can be up-dated.

Where will I get a logbook?

Your IBT instructor will provide you with a logbook on your first day on the IBT course. It’s an important document, so please keep it safely.

What if I disagree with my instructor?

Your IBT instructor may advise you that you have not yet successfully completed all of the requirements for a particular module. If you wish to have an independent assessment carried out, you may apply to the RSA who will, on payment of a fee (currently €70), arrange to carry out a modular assessment. If all the necessary requirements are met, the RSA may certify the module as complete.

What happens when I have finished the IBT course?

When you have completed the IBT course, your instructor will record the details in your log book and issue you with a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion. Your certificate is a valuable document and you should make a note of the serial number and date it was issued.

Keep your Certificate together with your Learner Permit whenever you are riding. You may be asked to produce your certificate by a member of An Garda Siochana, and your driving tester may also request to see it on the day of your practical driving test.

What if I lose my certificate?

If you lose your Certificate of Satisfactory Completion you can get a duplicate from the RSA. IBT instructors are not allowed to issue duplicate certificates. You will need to fill in a special declaration form (PDF) at your local Garda station and then send it with the €10 fee to:

Driver Education Section, Road Safety Authority, Primrose Hill, Ballina, Co. Mayo. 

IMPORTANT : If your certificate was issued on or after 19th January 2013 and is older than two years it cannot be replaced  (For advice on what steps are then necessary: see 'Can my certificate go out of date'  above )   

Where can I find out more about IBT for motorcyclists?

The RSA have produced an IBT course syllabus (PDF) which gives you information about IBT courses. There is also an IBT Information Booklet that provides more details.

If I hold a category A Learner Permit issued before 6 December 2010 and now want to do a category A1 driving test, do I need to do IBT?

No, the Learner Permit for licence category A exempts you, as you held it before 6 December 2010.

What if I have special needs?

The RSA is conscious that persons with special needs may need extra support. We are in touch with IBT instructors to raise awareness of issues for those with special needs.