Digital Tachograph Company card

If you own a passenger or haulage company a company tachograph card will allow you to download the digital data from your vehicle units.


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About the digital tachograph company card

 A company card allows you to access the data stored in the digital tachograph. You will also need it to protect your data in the vehcile unit (VU) if you hire in or sell a vehicle.

The company card enables you to download data in order to comply with legal requirements for data storage.

A company card does not store any data as such - its function is simply to ensure that the digital tachograph vehicle unit recognises the operator before allowing data to be downloaded.

Downloading data

To download data from the vehicle unit (VU) you will need a download device ( a memory stick which you can insert into the VU) and a company card ( this is to unlock the data).

A company card cannot be used for driving

Locking-in data

The company card should be used to lock-in data before you start using the vehicle in order to protect data that will be subsequently recorded on your vehicles tachograph.

It is not possible to protect data retrospectively and any unprotected data will be open to all to download.

Using a company card correctly will prevent unauthorised access to data and ensure that you comply with Data Protection law. It will also ensure that competitors do not get access to your data on the tachograph.

RSA Prosecutions

The RSA is responsible for enforcing EU and national transport legislation on tachographs, EU driver hour rules, Road transport working time directive and the licensing of road haulage and passenger operators to engage in hire and reward operations. Since 2009 the RSA have initiated prosecutions against drivers and operators in respect of breaches of this legislation details of which can be found in our prosecutions section.


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