Closure of driving test application system from Thursday 26 November 2020.  

Our brand new customer portal, MyRoadSafety will go live on Monday 30 November 2020. This will give you access to all of our digital services, including a new and improved driving test booking system.

MyRoadSafety allows you to safely manage your driver information, test bookings, permits and licences from the comfort of your own home.   However, to prepare for this move we‘ll have to close our current driving test application system and ask for your patience while we get things up and running for you.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Driver Testing Service

Under Covid19 Level 5 Government restrictions effective from midnight on Wednesday 21 October, for six weeks, you can attend your scheduled driving test appointment provided you are an essential worker involved in the provision of essential services or essential retail outlets. You can view the list of essential services at Level 5 on 

Cancelling your Test

If you are not involved in the provision of essential services or essential retail outlets, please cancel you test appointment here.

Waiting for a Test Date?

We are experiencing a high demand for driving tests at the moment. If you have submitted a driving test application we will be in touch with an appointment date, there is no need to contact us.

Need a test urgently?

If you are an essential worker and require an urgent test in connection with that work, then you can request a test here.  

Guidelines for booking Check It Fits in your area

If you want to book the ‘Check it Fits’ Roadshow in your area, these guidelines will help you to identify the right location.


The ideal space for the Roadshow is approximately 10x30m2, or 24 average car parking spaces (two rows of 12 spaces back to back).


This space is needed because it will be occupied by a van with two awnings and will allow vehicles to enter from the left of the diagram below (green arrows), get their child car seat checked, and exit on the right of the diagram (blue arrows).


Safety requirements

It goes without saying that ‘Check it Fits’ will have to accommodate young children in a busy area while their car seats are being checked, so safety is absolutely paramount. Car parks can be unstructured, unfamiliar places, with traffic coming from all angles. Therefore it won’t be enough to just have 24 car spaces assigned for ‘Check it Fits’, we’ll be looking for those spaces to have some natural barriers, eg: pavements, bushes, railings – anything that isn’t an open lane of traffic. There will be traffic cones in place to cordon off the area (see the orange dots below), but it is still important to minimise risk.


Here are some examples of areas in car parks(PDF) from around the country that would work (in green) and some that wouldn’t (in red)

We can help!

If you send us the address for your proposed site, and describe exactly where it is, we can have a look ourselves on Google Maps using the satellite imagery. You can also send us pictures of the site, all of which will quickly help us to assess if a Roadshow can go ahead at your preferred location.

Permission and contact details of relevant people

Unless you are the person who has authority for your proposed location, you’re going to need to get the owner’s permission to run the roadshow.. The RSA has built up strong relationships with local community stakeholders over the past number of years and so businesses and organisations are very often more than happy to be associated with events that are of benefit to their local communities.

In order for you to book a roadshow, you will need the name and contact details of the owner / person in charge of the exact location where the roadshow will be situated, and the person(s) in charge of fire, health and safety there. Again these details are usually very easy to obtain by simply contacting the managing party of the location you have in mind. The checkers may also need access to water.

Promoting the event

We have run bi-annual ‘Check it Fits’ Roadshows for the past seven years, so we have lots of tips on how to make it a success! Having satisfied yourself that your communications will be welcome, here are some ways to spread the word to as many parents and guardians as possible:

  1. ‘Word of mouth’ is one of the most powerful ways to promote an event so download the ‘Check it Fits’ leaflet from the RSA website and circulate it to colleagues, family and friends. Encourage them to circulate it to their own network
  2. Use your contacts to send information to local crèches, Montessoris, play-groups, primary schools and local businesses
  3. If you work in a crèche, Montessori or school, print a copy of the leaflet and give one to every child to bring home to their parents
  4. Use Facebook and Twitter, personal or business, to spread the word and don’t forget to keep us in the loop by tweeting @RSAIreland and #checkitfits
  5. Visit the RSA’s Facebook page and post information or photos from your ‘Check it Fits’ event – you’ll find us here
  6. And finally, if you know anyone in the local newspaper or radio station, let them know you’re organising a ‘Check it Fits’ Roadshow in the area and they might help you to promote it – don’t forget to tell them that this RSA service is completely free of charge!


The Check it Fits Roadshow will have a number of bright banner flags on display, and we will also position sandwich boards at key locations near the proposed site in order to highlight our presence.

Other considerations

The Check it Fits Roadshow needs to be situated on a flat surface and should enjoy some protection from the wind. We cannot safely operate with the awnings if the proposed area is on an incline.

Be aware of other hazards in your proposed site. Are there low-hanging power lines? Are there major routes very close by, or are there structures that children might climb on?

Your proposed site doesn’t have to be a car park – perhaps there are other suitable areas, but be mindful that the use of open spaces can vary widely, depending on the time of day. A village square might be perfect for mid-morning, but might not be so practical at lunchtime or rush hour.

Traffic management is also very important, particularly if it is a busy area, so in selecting the area, you will also need to consider where other cars can park and wait (this is what makes car parks such ideal locations).

Check list:

  • When is Check it Fits coming to the region?
  • Are there any other roadshows planned in the immediate vicinity?
  • Send proposed site address to RSA, complete with proposed 30m x 10m area identified
  • Identify appropriate managers / authorities for the proposed site, and obtain permission to invite Check it Fits
  • Promote the event
  • Report any problems / successes to RSA

If you are ready to book a roadshow click here.