Safety guide


You are vulnerable on a bike. 66% of motorcycle crashes involve cars and an average of 20 motorcyclists are killed or injured on Irish roads each week. But there are things you can do to combat this vulnerability:

  • Stay in control: of yourself, your bike and your awareness of your surroundings
  • Be responsible: know how to use your bike, don't drink and drive and prepare for and protect your pillion
  • Get training: proper training will make sure you can spot, assess, prioritise and manage the dangers of the roads
  • Upkeep maintenance: make sure you have enough petrol, you've checked your oil and coolant levels and your tires and machine are not damaged
  • Wear the right clothing: wear a helmet, motorcycle gear that protects against impact and a reflective jacket
  • Have the right skills: Be sure you have machine handling, hazard management, braking cornering and acceleration skills.

Wear the right clothing:

Make sure you have machine handling skills: Acceleration, Braking and Cornering:

Know your speed and braking distance times:

Know your position:

Find out more about how to stay safe on your motorcycle: Download the bike safety guide PDF.