Road safety ideas

Where to go if you have a business idea which helps improve road safety

Have you an innovative road safety product you wish to bring to the market?

The 35 County & City Enterprise Boards (CEBs), were established in Ireland in 1993 to provide support for small businesses (‘micro-enterprises’) with 10 employees or less, at local level.

CEBs provide direct grant-support to new and existing enterprises and promote entrepreneurship, capacity building and women-in-business at local level, to micro enterprises in the commercial sphere.

The CEBs are uniquely positioned to understand local needs and know the background and track record of those applying for support and assistance.

The CEBs support both new and established businesses.

Support offered includes:

  • Advice 
  • Mentoring 
  • Grants
  • Financial supports for Training and Growth

Further information

You can contact your local enterprise board by going to