Guidelines for booking

If you want to book the Shuttle and Roll Over Simulator for your event, these guidelines will help you to identify the right location and if your location is suitable. It takes approximately 2 hours to assemble the “Shuttle” and 1 hour to assemble the Roll Over Simulator.

Shuttle dimensions

  • 14.35 metres long x 9.54 metres wide.
  • The trailer unit measures 4.0 metres in height. - Accompanying tractor unit (dimensions: approximately 6 metres long x 3.54 metres high x 2.55 metres wide.
  • Trailer and tractor unit weight combined = 36120kg or 36 tonnes.

Roll Over dimensions

  • 14 foot wide by 27 foot long.

Space will need to be provided for the 4x4 and trailer transporting the Roll Over Simulator.

Surface requirements

 IMPORTANT: Both units will only be set up on a solid surface which is completely level throughout. They must also be located side by side. Due to the weight of the Shuttle, it is not suitable for set up on a soft surface such as grass. A photograph of the site must be included with your booking form.

Other Considerations

There should be enough space to manoeuvre both units in and out of the event.

As the Shuttle trailer is low, speed ramps entering/exiting the location site need to be taken into consideration. When booking the Shuttle, photos of any ramps or obstacles e.g. solid structures, benches, hanging baskets or telegraph poles should be included as they could restrict access to the site.

Welfare facilities (e.g. toilet, canteen) should be available for RSA personnel at the event.

If both units are required for more than 1 day, the location must be secure i.e. behind locked gates, there should be security on call and security cameras around both units.

The location should be prominent and within a main area to ensure a high throughput of people.

Safety requirements

 A Health and Safety Officer will need to review the Shuttle and Roll Over Simulator when assembled. You need to confirm fire safety and first aid arrangements in advance of the Shuttle going to your event. If you want to request more information then click here.