Safety Basics

Find out some safety basics concerning your vehicle and your vehicles parts

Safety Ratings

Knowing more about European vehicle safety ratings can help you prioritise safety performance when purchasing a new car.

Safety Features

While fuel consumption, comfort and price are important factors when purchasing a vehicle, we recommend that you also consider a vehicle’s safety features as a top priority in making your decision.

Safety Checks

Driving for work involves a risk not only for the driver, but also for fellow workers and members of the public, such as pedestrians and other road users. All organisations requiring their employees to drive in the course of their work should have robust procedures in place regarding the safety of vehicles.

Seat belts & child restraints

The general rule in relation to passenger or goods vehicles is that where seat belts are fitted they must be worn. It’s especially important that if you’re driving a car carrying passengers under 17, you make sure they wear seat belts and that the belts are in working order, or that younger children are provided with appropriate child restraints.


Your vehicle’s only contact with the road surface is its tyres, so it’s vital you chose the appropriate tyres and keep them correctly maintained.

Exhaust Emissions

Reducing emissions from road transport is seen as an important factor in the improvement of air quality