Trailers - Category O

Trailers are classified by their weight when carrying a load, which is known as design gross vehicle weight (DGVW).

Light Trailers (O1, O2)

Light trailers are trailers with a design gross vehicle weight of less than      3,500 kg. Whether you tow a trailer for work or domestic reasons, it is important to know your legal obligations and ensure that you do not drive a vehicle or tow a trailer that your driver licence may not cover. Such trailers typically include anything from small domestic trailers to general duty trailers including flatbed or plant trailers, car transporters, trailer caravans, horse boxes and livestock trailers. See our information booklet here




View video on towing light trailers here 


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Heavy Trailers (O3, O4)

A heavy trailer is a trailer with a design gross vehicle weight (DGVW) above 3,500 kg, and can be classed into two types:

  • trailers and
  • semi trailers also known as articultated trailers towed by a truck or agricultural tractor.

See FAQ document on heavy trailers here.