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CVR Operator Consultation

Proposed commercial vehicle roadworthiness reforms as relates to registered owners, operators and drivers. (Closed 4th November 2011)

The Road Safety Authority (‘RSA’) seeks your views on commercial vehicle roadworthiness reforms as relates to registered owners, operators and drivers.

The Road Safety Authority is currently implementing a wide-ranging reform programme which will deliver a ‘step change’ in the roadworthiness standards of commercial vehicles operating on Ireland’s roads.

Purpose of this consultation

Improving the standard of commercial vehicles on our roads and thereby contribute to the RSA mission objective of saving lives and preventing injuries by reducing the number of accidents involving commercial vehicles on Ireland’s roads.

What are the benefits?

Creation of a “level playing field” for Ireland’s operators through targeting those who choose not to maintain the roadworthiness of their fleet; reduced economic costs to the State; enhanced testing standards for Ireland’s network of commercial vehicle & ADR test centres (which test roadworthiness of vehicles carrying dangerous goods); and enforced compliance of commercial vehicle annual testing.

The programme was initiated following a request by the Minister for Transport to perform a detailed review of the Irish roadworthiness testing, compliance and enforcement regimes. The Road Safety Authority (“RSA”) has been charged with delivering on these recommendations, and the CVR Reform Programme was formally initiated in July 2010, with the programme up-front costs being financed by the RSA.

The RSA now welcomes your views on how we can together improve roadworthiness standards for commercial vehicles operating on Ireland’s roads.

This consultation process follows directly on from the discussions with industry trade associations and operators back in 2007 and 2008 (and more recently with the trade associations again in May 2011) on foot of the recommendations to the Minister. This consultation document now provides greater details related to the implementation of these reforms, including the following areas:

  • New compliance mechanisms: including an annual self-declaration process; new record-keeping requirements; the introduction of the Competent Person role for ‘own account’ operators (similar to the Transport Manager role for licensed operators) and new trailer initial registration and import registration requirements.
  • New risk assessment: the introduction of a new evidence-based system to assess operator risk (the ‘Commercial Vehicle Operator Risk Indicator’ or ‘CVORI’). New enforcement and inspection arrangements: more roadside inspections; use of technologies such as watch-lists, Weigh-in-Motion systems (‘WIMS’) and mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition (‘ANPR’); the introduction of roadworthiness inspections at the operator’s premises; new remedies available to An Garda Siochana and RSA enforcement officers (based upon an escalating range of remedies, the use of Fixed Penalty Notices for a wider range of offences, remedies against the “operator” of the vehicle (‘paying the wages’ of the driver) as well as the driver and registered owner, and based upon the principle of equality of remedy whether the operator be ‘own account’ or ‘hire & reward’ (i.e. licensed).

The RSA now wishes to obtain the views of key stakeholders as part of its review. This consultation contains a survey(.doc) (located in the Appendix to this document and provided separately on this page) aimed at commercial vehicle operators, registered owners and drivers as well as their representatives. The RSA encourages such persons to complete and return the surveys. In addition, the RSA welcomes and looks forward to receiving input from other interested stakeholders.

It should be noted that this consultation focuses primarily on the future arrangements as they affect commercial vehicle operators, registered owners and drivers. A separate consultation process was launched on the 28th March 2011 to deal with those aspects of the CVR reform programme that impact on commercial vehicle test centres.

A brief summary of the reforms are set out in Sections 14 and 16 of the document, further detail on the proposed reforms can be found here, CVR Test Centre Consultation.

Please also note that the completed survey form should submitted no later than the Friday 4th November 2011, in accordance with Section 18 of the consultation document.

You are invited to send your views to: [email protected]  or, in writing to:

Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Operator, Owner & Driver Consultation
Road Safety Authority
Clonfert House
Bride Street
Co Galway

Electronic copies of the consultation document may be downloaded from this page.

Supporting documents