Compulsory Fitment of Spray Suppression Systems

Consultation on Proposed Regulations for the Compulsory Fitment of Spray Suppression Systems to Certain Goods. (Closed 24th July 2009)

Views on the proposal to recommend to the Minister for Transport that spray suppression systems be made compulsory for fitment to all axles for:

It is proposed that the new requirement would apply to both new and existing vehicles and would require the systems to be of an adequate standard.

The RSA believes that the mandatory fitment of spray suppression systems to these vehicles would contribute to road safety by reducing significantly the volume of spray thrown up by the wheels of a heavy goods vehicle while travelling on wet roads.

The proposed measures would also significantly improve visibility for other road users in the immediate vicinity of these vehicles.

Observations should be sent to the address below no later than Friday 24th July 2009.

Further information:

Vehicle Standards Section,
Road Safety Authority,
Moy Valley Business Park,
Primrose Hill,
Co Mayo.