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09 November 2010

An Garda Siochana Mobile Safety Camera Project

We all know that driving too fast increases your risk of being involved in a serious or fatal collision, yet every year, approximately one third of road deaths are caused by speeding.

Last year, 80 people died on our roads because of this killer behaviour and up to 1,000 people are now learning to live with a serious injury.

That’s why An Garda Síochána has contracted GoSafe to operate safety cameras on behalf of the Gardai. Safety Cameras are proven lives savers. In countries where a safety camera network has been introduced, deaths and injuries as a result of speeding have dropped significantly. Safety cameras will be in operation from mid November 2010 at locations across Irish roads. These locations have been identified as having a history of speed related death and injury.

The locations will be listed on 

It’s important to note that the operator will be paid on the basis of the number of hours spent enforcing speed limits and not on the basis of detections. This is about saving lives and preventing injuries, not about catching people. The only objective of the safety camera project is to change driver behaviour and save lives.

If we all reduced the average speed on our road network by just 5% we could reduce road deaths by 20% and injuries by 10%.

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