Amanna feithimh

How long you can expect to wait for a driving test and which test centres have the shortest and longest waiting times

Waiting times

The boom in car sales in recent years and the surge in the number of drivers on Irish roads has led to a massive increase in demand for driving tests. As a result, some people have had to wait many weeks before they could sit their test.

The good news is that waiting lists are getting shorter. We aim to have a national average waiting time for a driving test of 10 weeks. Our ability to meet this target depends on the number of applications received. Accordingly, the average waiting time in driving test centres may vary above or below this 10-week target.

To view waiting times you should locate your driving test centre using our online faclility

Customers should note:

  • Waiting times are updated on a weekly basis.
  • Availability can vary from week to week and that past performance can only be used as a guide when booking an appointment.
  • Average Waiting times are given as an overall average for car tests only, different waiting time may apply for other categories of tests

Quick tests

We know that a person may need to take a test urgently. We can usually facilitate this and it helps if you are available for a test appointment.

We often have slots that have been cancelled that are available for a person that can take a test with notice from a few hours to a few days.

If this is suitable for you, please note on your application that you are avialable for short notice cancellation.