Cothabháil d'fheithiclí

You need to keep your vehicle and trailers in a roadworthy condition all the time and not just when you are preparing for an annual test.

Key steps to maintaining your vehicles

If you follow these few simple steps, your goods vehicle, trailer and bus will always be reliable and roadworthy:

  • Give someone in your organisation overall responsibility for
    making sure your vehicles are roadworthy
  • Make sure your drivers always carry out daily walk-around
  • Fix defects in your yard before vehicles go on the road
  • Put in place an effective maintenance programme
  • Monitor all vehicle maintenance, defects and repairs
  • Make sure you have the facilities and expertise to maintain and
    repair your vehicles
  • Make sure all staff involved with the roadworthiness of vehicles
    are trained in their duties and know their responsibilities

If you are an operator you must know your legal obiligations and fulfil them. This includes making sure your vehicles and trailers are always roadworthy and safe.

Please read the Road Safety Authority's guide to keeping your commercial vehicle roadworthy.