Download Irish road safety statistics: road deaths and injuries, road safety performance, safety by county and more.

Staitisticí um Imbhualadh

Road collision factbooks are complied each year see below for downloads

Básanna agus gortuithe ar bhóithre na hÉireann

Last year saw the first year-on-year increase in the number of road deaths in Ireland for the first time since 2005 .

Driving Licences

View Ireland's Driving Licence statistics for each county broken down by gender, type of licence and category of licence.

Driver/Vehicle Statistics

Historical data relating to Driver and Vehicle testing.

Driving Test Pass Rates

Details of pass rates by test centre for 2013.

Driving Test Waiting Times

How long you can expect to wait for a driving test and which test centres have the shortest and longest waiting times.

Penalty Points Archive

Find out details of penalty points stats for years 2007 - 2009, 2014-2015

Penalty Point Statistics

View Ireland's latest penalty point statistics by offence type or number of points incurred per driver, or view the number of drivers by licence type. You can take a closer look by viewing the statistics for a specific month or get a different perspective by rearranging by county, by offence category, alphabetically or highest to lowest.


Here you will find details of prosecutions by the Road Safety Authority in respect of breaches of Drivers Hours, Tachograph & Operator Licensing legislation. A number of prosecution cases may be under appeal and the status of these cases may change

Staitisticí eile

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