Clár ADI

Information about the ADI Register of Approved Driving Instructors.

ADI Register

The name of an applicant who passes the three-stage examination or is approved following assessment of their existing qualifications will be entered into the ADI Register. The ADI will receive a permit indicating the name, registration expiry date and his/her ADI number. It will also include a photograph of the instructor. The permit must be displayed in a prominent place in the vehicle when the ADI is giving instruction.

Each ADI will be required to renew his/her registration every two years. The ADI must make formal application to the Registrar accompanied by the appropriate fee. The Registrar may refuse to renew registration if the ADI does not meet the criteria for registration.

The Registrar may also decide to remove an ADI’s name from the register if the ADI does not continue to meet the necessary criteria in the period prior to formal renewal of registration. There will be a right of appeal to the Registrar and ultimately to the District Court against any decision to remove an ADI from the register or to refuse to renew registration.

The RSA maintains an online database of ADIs for the information of the public. The database includes the ADI’s name and business address as well as the expiry date of ADI registration.