Uirlisí d'oiliúnóirí ADI

The RSA provides a range of information and resources for candidate-ADI trainers.

ADI trainers

In recent years hundreds of men and women have qualified as RSA approved driving instructors (ADI), having successfully completed an intensive three-stage training programme. The people who run the programme are the RSA-approved candidate-ADI (cADI) trainers. At the RSA, we understand how much effort is required to be a successful trainer. That’s why we have put together a resource pack that will make your job a little bit easier.

Train the Trainer User Guide (PDF)

This tells you all you need to know as a trainer to run successful modules. This guide is also useful for the candidate ADI as it gives them an outline of the programme and shows what’s involved at each stage.

Guidelines for Approval of ADI Training Centres (PDF)

Only training centres that have been approved by the RSA can deliver the Approved Syllabus for Driving Instructors. This section outlines what the RSA is seeking to accomplish with the introduction of the approval process, and how a provider can become an approved training centre.

Theory Test sample questions (DOC)

Stage 1 of the ADI instructors programme is all about the theory of driving. These sample questions will help your students know what to expect when they do their test.