Ár straitéis

Find out how we plan to reduce roads deaths and injuries, by our four central pillars: Education, Enforcement, Engineering and Evaluation

Better road safety is achieved by bringing about a cultural change in driver behaviour and ensuring that the factors that underpin road safety, such as vehicle and driver standards, are rigorously monitored and enforced.

Our strategy is to deliver major improvements in road safety by effectively mobilising our internal resources and working with external stakeholders.

The national Road Safety Strategy (2007-2012) aims to reduce collisions, deaths and injuries on Irish roads by 30%. This should bring Ireland in line with countries that are considered to have the safest roads in the world – countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

The 4 pillars of road safety


  • Targeted safety campaigns in schools
  • Safety campaigns within wider society
  • Training scheme for vocational drivers


  • Driver testing and licensing
  • Road haulage industry
  • Testing regimes for motor vehicles


  • Contribute to EU rules on vehicle standards
  • Assist National Roads Authority with road design


  • Road safety research 
  • Measuring effectiveness of road safety initiatives