Ár struchtúr

The overall structure and divisional responsibilities of the RSA.

Our background

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) came into being on 1 September 2006 as a statutory organisation created by the Road Safety Authority Act, 2006.

We are principally funded by, and responsible to, the Department of Transport.

Following the 2006 Act, functions previously undertaken by the Department of Transport, the National Roads Authority and the National Safety Council were transferred to the RSA.

This is the first time in Ireland that key activities related to road safety have been handed to a single statutory body. This means we can co-ordinate and implement road safety initiatives in a way that was not possible until now.

Our directorates

We are organised into four directorates

  • Driver Testing and Licensing
  • Road Safety, Research and Driver Education
  • Standards and Enforcement
  • Corporate Services