Cuir aithne ar na stiúrthóirí

Meet the members of our senior management team, and read a message from our CEO, Sam Waide

Our five-person executive team implements the road safety strategy across our four major Directorates.

Sam Waide is our Chief Executive Officer.


The other members of our senior executive are:

  • Director of Vehicle Standards, Testing and Enforcement - Liam Duggan
  • Director of Driver Testing & Licensing - Declan Naughton
  • Director of Strategy, Policy and Technology - Denise Barry
  • Director of Road Safety, Research & Driver Education - Michael Rowland
  • Director of Finance & Commercial Services - Pearse White
  • Head of ICT - Gerry McGuire
  • Head of HR - Alison Coleman
  • Principal Engineer - Caroline Greene/Maria Holmes.

A welcome from Sam Waide, CEO

Death and injury on our roads is an enormous cost to families and our society as a whole. Sadly, few people in Ireland have not been touched in some way by road collisions and accidents. 

For the RSA, our task is a challenging one, but it is absolutely vital that we succeed. I am confident that with the strong commitment of staff, and collaboration with stakeholders, we can bring about a change in attitudes and behaviour that will benefit all road users.

Bringing about such a culture change means we must deploy our resources effectively across ‘the Three Es’:

  • Enforcement
  • Engineering
  • Education

By doing so, we can make short and long term gains in road safety. We must also continually evaluate our efforts to ensure they are appropriate and effective.
These efforts include:

  • Developing and implementing information and education campaigns
  • Improving the quality of driving through driver training
  • Improving the quality of vehicles
  • Overseeing and helping to enforce the driver licensing system
  • Collaborating with our road safety stakeholders to ensure that our combined efforts are harnessed to best effect

Our main objective is challenging, but simple: Ireland must achieve the same road safety standards seen in best practice countries like Sweden and the UK.

While confident of success, we are pragmatic and realise that change will take time. Nonetheless, every positive step plays a part along the way.

Finally, as each of us has a part to play in road safety, I ask you to reflect on what you, as a road user, can do today to make our roads safer