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Coronavirus (COVID – 19) services update

Update on RSA services affected by Covid-19 restrictions.

You can be assured that all of our services are being delivered in line with Government policy and health guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please familiarise yourself with all restrictions and safety measures before attending an appointment and make sure you arrive prepared.

Below is an update on the current status of our services.

Driving test

While the driving test itself has not changed, there are elements of the service that are now delivered differently due to Covid-19, so please read our safety leaflet carefully and watch our Taking the driving test during Covid-19 video which will show you what to expect on the day.

Waiting times

Covid-19 has caused a large backlog of customers waiting for a driving test and unfortunately this means that it may be some time before we can offer you an appointment. 

If you have already applied for a driving test and are on the waiting list, you don’t need to do anything.  We have your details and we will email you directly when it's your turn to be invited for a test. 

We operate a fair and transparent process for scheduling driving test appointments and those who have been waiting the longest will be offered a test first, provided they were eligible to sit a test when they applied. Emergency appointments are only available for critical frontline workers. Know more >

Driving test waiting time estimator

We have developed a new online tool that offers an estimated date of when you'll be invited to book a car driving test. You must already be on the waiting list and eligible to sit a test. Know more >

If you have not yet applied for a driving test, please sign up or log in to our customer portal. You can register using your verified MyGovID or authenticate your details with us directly. This video will show you how

For more information about the driving test please see our Driving Test section.

Driver Theory Test (DTT)

Since 8 June 2021, we have gradually reopened our driver theory test centres to allow in-person visits.

We are very conscious of the significant number of people waiting to take their driver theory test and appreciate your continued patience and understanding. Every possible measure is being put in place to ensure that the maximum number of customers can be served while adhering strictly to public health guidelines. 

We increased capacity from an average of 15,000 tests (in normal times) to 25,000 tests monthly, to tackle the backlog and shorten waiting times. Plans are now being put in place to increase capacity to 50,000 appointments at test centres on a gradual basis with extensive COVID-19 measures in place. 

Information about the theory test, including online tests, is available on our theory test information page or at

National Driver Licence Service (NDLS)

The National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) is open for all customers.

Anyone who has a Public Services Card or authenticated MyGovID can apply for and renew their learner permit or driving licence online at

To protect against the spread of Covid-19, walk-in appointments are no longer available at NDLS centres. You must book an appointment in advance at

National Car Testing Service (NCTS)

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, any vehicle due an NCT on or after 28 March 2020 had its test due date extended by four months. See example below:

Original NCT expiry dateNew NCT expiry date
28 December 202028 April 2021
10 March 202110 July 2021
15 June 202115 October 2021

Note:  All cars first registered on or after 1 August 2016 are not eligible for the four-month extension.

We encourage you to check your new test due date before booking your NCT and make sure to carefully read all website messages shown throughout the booking process as well as any follow up correspondence.

Please note that if you book a test that is more than 90 days earlier than the test due date, the test will be a voluntary early test and the NCT certificate issued will be valid for 1 or 2 years (depending on the age of the vehicle) from the date of the successful test. 

For more information visit the National Car Testing Service website.

Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing (CVRT)

The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing service (CVRT) has been identified as an essential service and centres remain open. Anyone with an appointment should attend as normal however we ask that you follow all Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Commercial vehicle owners have the responsibility to ensure their vehicles are maintained in a roadworthy condition when used on a public road. Please visit out  vehicle maintenance page for more details.

RSA enforcement activity

RSA enforcement activities are continuing as normal.

For more information on RSA Enforcement and your obligations as a driver or operator please visit the CVRT website.

Tachograph card applications

Tachograph card applications are being processed as normal. Our team are working remotely which may result in minor delays but we will endeavor to keep this to a minimum. To assist us, it is vital that all applications for driver cards are correctly completed and all requested supporting documentation is in order. We recommend that you use the online digital tachograph system rather than the traditional paper-based application forms.

Apply Online

Education Services

The following RSA education services are available virtually:

  • The child car seat checking service - Check it Fits
  • The National Road Safety Education Service - please email  [email protected] for further details.
  • Primary and secondary teacher led road safety education programmes through our Virtual Learning Environment – please visit our Education section
  • StreetSmart – ‘bringing road safety to life in a fun way for young children’ – for more information or to book a virtual StreetSmart experience, please email [email protected]
  • Learning Portal – a 3D event space offering a first-class road safety learning experience for all age groups.  For more information, please email [email protected]

Unfortunately, the following education services are suspended at this time:

  • The Interactive Road Safety Shuttle
  • Roll Over Simulator

Essential Driver Training (EDT)

Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's) can now deliver EDT to all drivers. Learner drivers no longer need to complete the ‘essential worker’ self-declaration form. ADI’s must continue to adhere to Government and HSE guidelines taking all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please see for more details.

Initial Basic Training (IBT) for Motorcyclists

Initial Basic Training (IBT) is currently available to all learner motorcyclists. Driving tests are being delivered as normal however we ask that you read our Covid-19 safety leaflet and ear piece requirements carefully before your appointment.

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

The Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) periodic training has been identified as an essential service and CPC centres remain open. Drivers with scheduled training should attend as normal but please adhere to all Covid-19 safety measures.

With effect from 6 March 2021, driver CPC cards will be further extended by EU Regulation. This means that Driver CPC cards that expired or will expire between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021 will be extended by 10 months. In addition, Driver CPC cards that expired during the initial period 1 February 2020 and 31 August 2020 (which were extended for 7 months) and are due to expire again during the period 1 September 2020 and 31 March 2021 will be extended once more for 6 months or until 1 July 2021, whichever is the latest. Please visit our Driver CPC Card page for more information.