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Licensed Drivers

Your driving licence

What you need to know about your driving licence and being a novice driver.

A driving licence allows you to drive unaccompanied on all public roads in the category of vehicle for which you hold a driving licence.


After passing your driving test, you can apply for a full driving licence online at or in person at an National Driver Licence Service centre (NDLS). You must abide by the rules of your learner permit until you have been issued with a full driving licence. You should apply within two years of the date you passed your test. If not, you will have to re-sit and pass the driving test.

If you passed your driving test in an automatic vehicle you will only be licensed to drive that type of vehicle.

Novice drivers 

For a period of two years after receiving your first full driving licence you are considered a novice driver. There are special conditions that apply to novice drivers during this period: 

  • you must display N-plates on your vehicle for the first two years
  • you cannot act as a sponsor or accompanying driver for a category B learner driver
  • a lower blood alcohol concentration threshold applies (20mg)
  • a lower threshold of seven penalty points leading to disqualification usually applies to novice drivers. 
Services Novice plates

Novice or N-plates for drivers with a first full driving licence. N-plates must be displayed on a vehicle for two years. Find more information about N-plates.

How to apply for your driving licence

You can now quickly and easily apply for your driving licence online. No need to complete paper forms, make appointments or visit an NDLS centre in person. All you need is your Public Services Card and your verified MyGovID for safe, secure access to

To apply for your driving licence online you will need the following: 

To apply for your driving licence you will need the following: 

  • To have successfully passed the driving test in the category that you are applying for within the last two years
  • Your current or most recent learner permit. If your permit has been lost or stolen, you must also bring valid photo ID with you
  • Proof of your address dated within the last six months 
  • Proof that you are normally resident in Ireland if your place of birth and nationality are outside the EU/EEA 
  • Your completed and signed eyesight report form or medical report form dated within one month, if applicable to you (eyesight or medical)
  • Your application fee for a new 10-year licence is €55.00. Other licence durations and fees may apply to you. You can pay by credit/debit card, Google Pay/Apple Pay or Payzone voucher. 

Book an appointment online  

Your photograph and signature will be captured electronically at the NDLS centre. 

You can apply in person at any of the 34 National Driving Licence Services (NDLS) centres nationwide. 

You can apply for your first driving licence here


National Driver Licence Service (NDLS)

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions please visit the National Driving Licence Service (NDLS) website.


Now you can easily and safely manage all your driver services, tests, permits and licences online