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RSA Check it Fits Service in partnership with Toyota

What is Check it Fits? At the Check it Fits service, RSA experts will check child car seats and restraints free of charge at Toyota dealerships nationwide as well as many other locations across Ireland.  Our experts will fix any incorrectly fitted seats and restraints, show parents how to do it themselves and answer any queries they have. It only takes a few minutes, no appointment is necessary and it is open to all makes and models of cars and child car seats.

Sometimes the simplest step can make the biggest difference. By partnering together, Toyota and the RSA want to grow the Check it Fits service to make sure as many parents and children as possible can get the benefit of it and prevent deaths and serious injuries amongst children on our roads.


The ultimate ambition of the RSA Check it Fits Service in partnership with Toyota is to check at least 10,000 child car seats every year and ensure that children are using the right car seat for their height and weight, and make of car,  that these seats are fitted correctly.


Click on the map to see when Check it Fits will be in your area and sign up to receive reminders



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