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Learner and Novice drivers

Reminding learner and novice drivers that a lower penalty point threshold applies to them

Key points to note

If learner and Novice drivers get seven points in three years they are off the road for six months. The reason the threshold is low is because these drivers are inexperienced. These drivers need to understand what the consequences of being disqualified from driving actually mean.

Seven points in a three year period will mean a six month disqualification from driving.

This campaign looks at what a learner or novice driver can lose as a result of getting a six month driving ban.

This campaign reminds learner and novice drivers if they fail to follow the rules of the roads such as stopping at a red light, drive unaccompanied if they are a learner driver or use a mobile phone while driving they can clock up seven points and be disqualified from driving for six months.

That’s six months that they wont be driving to their mates, to training, the cinema or anywhere. The message is steer clear of points and stay on the road.

Learner and novice drivers

Our radio and social campaign highlights the consequences of what losing your driving licence can bring and how you can accumulate the 7 points.

Learner and novice drivers radio