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Road safety videos

Where to find all our road safety and awareness campaign videos online. 

You will find all our road safety videos, instructional films and awareness campaign 
resources on our dedicated YouTube channel

Over the years, we have produced hundreds of hours of video material covering a wide range of practical road safety and road safety awareness topics such as:

  • safe walking
  • safe cycling 
  • sharing the road safely
  • safe driving and motorcycling 
  • Safe Cross Code for safe road crossing
  • driver distraction and impairment
  • speeding
  • seat belt use. 

Safe walking

Safe cycling

Sharing the road safely

Safe driving and motorcycling

Safe Cross Code

Driver distraction and impairment


Seat belt use

We continue to add new videos, so visit our YouTube channel for regular updates. These videos are free for you to view or share with your classroom, community or colleagues.