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Promoting the use of seat belts as a key road safety behaviour. 

Passenger seat belts 

This campaign encourages drivers to ask their passengers, both in the front and rear seats, to put on their seat belt. As the driver of the car, you have the power and authority to tell anyone travelling with you to belt up. 

The advice to everyone travelling in a car, whether driving or as a passenger, is to always wear your seat belt before you set off.  

Research on attitudes to seatbelt wearing of adults under 35 years showed that forgetting to wear a seat belt is the main reason for not wearing them. But the simple act of asking your passengers to put on their seat belt will help reduce fatalities and serious injuries. The same research also shows that passengers expect to be asked by the driver to wear their seat belt. 

No-one ever died asking their mates to wear their seat belt. Every time, every trip, everybody belt up. 

The facts behind our seat belt campaign 

In a 2020 behavioural and attitudinal survey: 

  • 97% of motorists surveyed use a seat belt when they are a driver 
  • 97% use a seat belt when they are a front passenger
  • 84% use a seat belt when they are a rear passenger. 

Provisional Garda figures for 2020 show that one in four passengers and drivers killed were not wearing a seat belt. 

What do you think will happen? 

Our campaign encourages drivers to ask their passengers, both in the front and rear seats, to put on their seat belt before setting off. 

Button Text

Collaboration with the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) and the Women’s Gaelic Players Association (WGPA)  

We joined up with the GPA and the WGPA for a three-year collaboration to help drive behavioural change amongst a younger cohort of road users and reduce deaths and serious injuries on the roads. The campaign focuses on reducing the incidences of killer behaviours on Irish roads – using a mobile phone while driving and driver fatigue.


Stay focused

A reminder from the GPA and WGPA of the need to stay focused on the road and if you’re feeling tired to stop, sip, sleep. 

Remembrance ribbon 

In 2021 we and the GPA launched a social media campaign to remind drivers and passengers to wear a seat belt before they set off on their journey. One inter-county GAA player from every county in Ireland posted the image of a black ribbon on their social media, a seat belt strap reworked into a remembrance ribbon shape alongside the words ‘Never Forget’. 

Get this season’s killer look 

Our campaign aims to discourage women from wearing their seat belts under their arm.