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Crashed lives

How drink driving destroys lives in so many ways.

For Ciarán campaign 

This campaign highlights the devastating consequences of drink driving. In ‘For Ciaran’, our TV ad, we see a true life story of how drink driving destroys lives, families and communities.

Four year old Ciarán Treacy was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in April 2014. His mother Gillian, (who was seriously injured in the collision), her husband Ronan, the emergency services who attended the collision and the medical team who fought to save Ciarán’s life are all featured in this ‘Crashed Lives’ ad campaign. 

The advert shows exactly how drink driving can smash so many lives to pieces. It focuses on a crash and all of the people who were affected as a result of Ciarán’s death. It shows the immediate family, learning to cope with physical and emotional trauma, the emergency service workers, people who arrived at the scene, nurses, the wider family and community. It reminds us that a crash is never just one person - it sends shockwaves throughout lives, families and communities. 

The message is simple: stop and think of Ciarán the next time you consider drink-driving, find another way home and never ever drink and drive. 

The campaign also features short ten second vignettes featuring people who were directly affected by the collision. This includes those first to arrive on scene, the paramedics, the ICT nurse, the fire brigade and the Treacy family themselves. 



The Road Deaths and Alcohol report examined road user fatalities (2013-2017) with a positive toxicology for alcohol. Of the 600 road user fatalities with a toxicology result available, 36.5% (n = 219) had a positive toxicology for alcohol.  

Of the 219 road user fatalities with a positive toxicology for alcohol: 

  • 86% were male 
  • 76% were <45 years of age
  • 69% had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) >150mg/ml
  • 65% took place between 9pm-6am
  • 60% took place on Saturday-Monday
  • 72% took place on rural roads (≥80km/h speed limit) 

Of the 135 driver/motorcycle driver fatalities with a positive toxicology for alcohol: 

  • 77% were driving a car, 16% a motorcycle, and 7% a goods vehicle (heavy or light) 
  • 92% were male
  • 82% were <45 years of age
  • 69% had a BAC >150 mg/ml
  • 61% took place between 9pm-6am
  • 64% took place on Saturday-Monday
  • 79% took place on rural roads (≥80 km/h speed limit)
  • 70% were single vehicle collisions
  • As a result of the 135 fatal collisions, 146 people died and 72 were injured  

The driver attitudes and behaviour survey, 2020 showed  

  • 9% of motorists consumed alcohol before driving in past 12 months 
  • 27% of those who consumed alcohol before driving in the past 12 months, had 2 or more drinks before doing so
  • 58% of Irish motorists said they feel they cannot consume any alcohol before driving and be safe to drive, 
  • 43% of all motorists said that to remain under the legal limit, they cannot have consumed any alcohol before driving
  • 25% of motorists agreed ‘there were times when they have been over the limit the morning after a night out’.
  • 92% of motorists agreed ‘driving under the influence of alcohol seriously increases the risk of a collision’ 

There were 8,159 drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2020 

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For Ciarán (Crashed Lives) 

Our campaign tells the true life story of how drink driving destroys lives, families and communities

radio ad

Morning after campaign  

11% of fatal alcohol crashes happen the morning after. We run our drink driving and morning after campaign at the same time each year due of the number of those found with alcohol in their systems the morning after drinking. As part of this, we air a radio advert and promote a video that shows exactly what happens if you are found to be over the drink driving limit the next morning. 

Morning after 

Our targeted campaign highlights the consequences of driving the morning after drinking alcohol. 

Garda drink drive advert

radio ad

Related campaigns 

The most recent ads from our ‘Crashed Lives’ Campaign include three true life accounts and features Siobhán O’Brien, Marjorie Flood and Dr Áine Carroll who share their story of how the consequences of road crashes have affected their lives.