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Motorhomes, motor caravans and camper vans

Type approval, testing, registration, vehicle conversion. 

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Frequently asked questions

It is defined in (EU) 2018/858 as ‘a vehicle of category M with living accommodation space which contains the following equipment as a minimum:

(a) seats and table.

(b) sleeping accommodation which may be converted from the seats.

(c) cooking facilities.

(d) storage facilities.

This equipment shall be rigidly fixed to the living compartment. However, the table may be designed to be easily removable’.

Yes. If you own a motor caravan you will be required to pass a CVRT test regardless of whether it is taxed privately or used commercially. Test category is based on manufacturer’s design gross vehicle weight (DGVW) and not unladen weight.

  • Motor caravans whose DGVW is 3,500 kg or less will be tested as LCV.
  • Motor caravans whose DGVW is more than 3,500 kg will be tested as HCV.
Age of motor caravan:How often it must be tested:
0-3 yearsNo test required
4-9 years Every 2 years
10-29 yearsAnnually
30-39 yearsEvery 2 years provided it is declared for non commercial use, otherwise annually
40 years +Exempt provided it is used solely for non commercial purposes, otherwise annually 


Yes. All mechanically propelled vehicles must be registered, taxed, and insured in order to be used on a public road. They must also comply with ‘In-Use’ Regulations and be driven by licensed drivers.

In the case of vehicles first registered on or after 01 January 1986 the windscreen must be made of laminated safety glass and marked accordingly. Acceptable markings are available in CVRT Manuals. All other glass inside and rear windows must be marked as automotive safety glass.