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Wheelchair accessible vehicles

A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is a passenger vehicle converted to accommodate persons seated in their wheelchairs. 

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Frequently asked questions

It is defined in Regulation (EU) No.2018/858 as: ‘a vehicle of category M1 constructed or converted specifically so that they accommodate one or more persons seated in their wheelchairs when travelling on the road’.

It is defined under S.I. No. 556 of 2020 as ‘a vehicle that is adapted or specially constructed so as to enable a person who has a disability to travel in the vehicle, whether as the driver or a passenger in safety and reasonable comfort’.

Since 29 April 2012, all new special purpose vehicles of category M1 will require type-approval in order to be registered in Ireland. Vehicles that are categorised as SPVs include wheelchair accessible passenger cars and disabled persons vehicles. For further information, visit Revenue. You may also refer to type-approval for special purpose vehicles.

Yes. All mechanically propelled vehicles must be registered, taxed, tested and insured in order to be used on a public road.

Modifications must be carried out by a suitably qualified individual at an approved test centre to an appropriate and safe standard. See our FAQ on Vehicle Modifications.

Contact Irish Wheelchair Association ( IWA) and Revenue regarding adaptations.

You may also wish to contact NSAI.

The roadworthiness test is based on the vehicle category not on the use of the vehicle or whether it is registered as private or commercial.

A vehicle category is assigned depending on the number of seats in a vehicle, it's goods carrying capacity and its weight.

If your vehicle has not yet been registered, contact Revenue.

For advice on adaptations, contact the Irish Wheelchair Association ( IWA).

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