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Road safety education for pre-school children

Our resources and awareness campaigns to help pre-school children stay safe on our roads.

It's so important to introduce road safety to children at an early age so that they can learn the basics of how to stay safe while using the road. We offer a range of resources which tailor road safety messages to engage with pre-schools and pre-school children (under five years of age). 

Beep Beep Day

Beep Beep Day is a national road safety awareness day for young children. It takes place in crèches and Montessori schools around the country during Road Safety Week in October, but can also take place at any other time during the year.

On Beep Beep Day, children aged five and under will practice basic road safety skills with the Simon and Friends road safety storybooks, songs, games and activities.

We will distribute Beep Beep Day packs to participating pre-schools free of charge. 

Order your Beep Beep Day pack


Notice! Children's Beep Beep Day Vests have all been ordered and no more stock is available.

Posters and guides are still available.

If you’re interested in ordering other road safety materials , please use our online ordering portal

Beep Beep Day packs were available to order from 6 September this year. 

Packs include Beep Beep Day vests, posters and guides.

Remaining stocks are limited but we will do our best for you.

You will be able to order your pack from this online order form.

Simon and Friends (for children under five years)

Simon's Surprise

Simon's Surprise

Key road safety message: Holding hands

Josie's Picnic

Key road safety message: Stopping

Sara and Sophia's Trip to the Farm

Key road safety message: Look and listen

Charlie Goes to a Party

Key road safety message: Setting a good example

The teacher’s guide, storybooks and CD-rom come in a colourful case. At the end of each story, there are more activities which pre-schools can use to develop other learning experiences with the children.

Simon and Friends is also available in Irish - Simon agus a Cháirde

Order Simon and Friends for your school

If you’re interested in getting this pack for your school, there is a short training course you will need to complete first. To request this training:


Order Simon and Friends for your home

If you would like to read these stories at home, you can access and download the story books through our virtual learning environment. These are only the story books -  teachers must complete the training to get the full resource pack. 

Going to School (a guide for parents and guardians)

Going to School is a handy guide with helpful tips for parents and guardians on how to get their children to school safely. It’s available in both English and Irish and you can download and view it here: 

Going to School guide pdf | 11196 KB Ag Dul Ar Scoil pdf | 11180 KB