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Road traffic collision data

Reporting on road traffic collisions.

The RSA has a statutory remit to report on fatal, serious and minor injury collisions that have occurred on a public road. We receive collision data from An Garda Síochána and produce official statistics on collisions to inform the development of evidence based road safety interventions. This data is used to generate reports such as Provisional reviews of fatal collisions and Road collision annual reports. The road traffic collision data is provisional and subject to change until such time as the RSA research department finalise the data.


Access to road safety data

The RSA is in the process of reviewing its road traffic collision (RTC) data sharing policies and procedures. Record-level RTC data cannot be shared until this review is complete but we expect this to be finalised in the coming months. At that point, we will have new policies and procedures in place for access to RTC information and data.