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Safe use of seat belts during pregnancy

Advice on the safe wearing of seat belts during pregnancy.

Pregnancy does not automatically exempt you from wearing a seat belt. You are excused from using a seat belt during pregnancy only if granted by a doctor for medical reasons.  pregnant-driver

If you are pregnant, the safest way to wear your safety belt is: 

  • Place the diagonal section of the belt across your torso (chest area) with the strap resting over your shoulder, not your neck. 
  • Place the lap section of the belt flat on your thighs, fitting comfortably beneath the baby bump, and over your pelvis (not your bump). 
  • Wear the seat belt as tightly as possible. In this way, the forces applied in a sudden impact can be absorbed by your body’s frame. 

How to correctly use a seat belt while pregnant

The video below demonstrates how to wear a seatbelt correctly if you're pregnant.


Avoid using lap-only seat belts

If you are pregnant you should avoid wearing lap-only seat belts instead of a regular seat belt with lap and diagonal belts. Lap-only belts can cause serious injuries to unborn children if the car brakes suddenly or is in a collision. You and your unborn child are both much safer if you are wearing a lap and diagonal safety belt correctly.