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Road safety education for secondary school students

Our resources and awareness campaigns to help secondary school students stay safe on our roads.

It’s both important and timely to foster good road safety attitudes and behaviour among secondary school students.

  • They are impressionable, flexible and open to changing their behaviour.
  • Younger children look up to them as role models. 
  • At their age they may be thinking about becoming drivers and will need to learn and practice good road safety behaviour and show respect to all road users. 

We offer a range of resources which tailor road safety messages to engage secondary schools and their students.

Road Safety Matters (for junior cycle students aged 12-16)

Road Safety Matters is a fun and enjoyable safety resource for junior cycle students and their teachers. It is teacher-led but has been developed to place student wellbeing at the centre of learning.



  • Students learn the practical skills and attitude needed to keep themselves and others safe on the roads in their everyday lives as pedestrians, cyclists, passengers or drivers.
  • It empowers students to become responsible and safe road users. 

The Road Safety Matters programme is made up of four strands:

  • Strand 1: who’s who in road safety? 
  • Strand 2: are we roadworthy? 
  • Strand 3: recognising road risk 
  • Strand 4: socially responsible road use

The programme contains 10 lessons delivered to first-year students during the academic school year, including:

  • the consequences of risky behaviour 
  • how to make informed decisions about their own and others welfare 
  • becoming aware of their personal values towards road safety 
  • how their values affect their behaviours and moral choices 
  • threats to their personal safety 
  • how to take steps to protect themselves and value personal health and safety
  • their rights and responsibilities as a road user.

Book or get more information on Road Safety Matters

If you would like to book an on-site visit or get more information about this fun, interesting and enjoyable road safety programme, please:

The lesson plans are now available through our new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) so we can virtually deliver the programme to your students. Simply book through our road safety education service.

Your Road to Safety (for transition year students aged 15-17)

Your Road to Safety is a programme aimed at transition year (TY) students to help them develop the awareness, knowledge, values and skills to become safe road users. The programme is teacher-led and focused on preparing the students for learning to drive.
  • It focuses on ‘dangerous behaviours’, i.e. behaviours that cause deaths on the roads.
  • Students learn how everyone shares the road and how they have a personal responsibility to be safe road users. 

Your Road To Safety is divided into four modules:

Module 1: safe driver 
Module 2: safe journey 
Module 3: safe vehicle 
Module 4: developing road skills

The programme consists of 34 lessons delivered to TY students during the academic school year, covering:

  • speeding
  • using seat belts
  • intoxicated driving, i.e. alcohol and drugs 
  • driver distraction and fatigue 
  • passenger safety 
  • vehicle maintenance.

Book or get more information on Your Road to Safety

As a Transition Year teacher, you will need to complete a short training course 
before you can deliver this course in your school. If you would like to access this programme and register for the necessary training, please:

The programme is now available through our new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) so we can virtually deliver the programme to your students. Simply book though our Road Safety Education Service.

Let's Go! (road safety guidelines for secondary schools)

Let’s Go! is a resource developed for teachers and school personnel who organise school events for students involving the use of public roads. It contains practical and helpful road safety guidelines covering various modes of transport, including:


  • walking
  • cycling
  • travelling by car
  • travelling by bus
  • travelling by public transport.

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Going to School (a guide for parents and guardians)

Going to School is a handy guide with helpful tips for parents and guardians on how to get their children to school safely. It’s available in both English and Irish and you can download and view it here:

Going to School guide pdf | 11196 KB Ag Dul Ar Scoil pdf | 11180 KB