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Road safety education for third-level students

Our resources and awareness campaigns to help third-level students stay safe on our roads.

It’s important to continue encouraging good road safety behaviour among third-level students. 

  • Reinforcing the road safety lessons they learned in secondary school will benefit them and all road users.
  • Younger students or siblings may look up to them as role models, so modelling good behaviour benefits everyone.
  • At their age they may be novice or fully licenced drivers and will need to continue practising good road safety behaviour and show respect to all road users.

We offer a number of resources which tailor road safety messages to engage third-level students.

Organise a Road Safety Week event

RSA Shuttle on the road

We strongly encourage third-level colleges, institutes and universities to organise their own road safety awareness initiatives.

  • Irish Road Safety Week takes place at the beginning of October. This would be a perfectly timed event to engage students as it comes at the beginning of the academic year which is a busy social time for students.
  • UN Global Road Safety Week takes place in mid-May. This would also be a timely event to engage students as it comes near the end of the academic year when students are planning to travel home, around the country or abroad.

We can help you run a road safety event

Our road safety promotion officers are available to help with any road safety initiative you have in mind, by:

  • helping you plan a successful road safety event in advance
  • offering advice on various road safety activities and initiatives on campus
  • helping you to deliver road safety education material
  • providing information and training on whatever resources will suit your needs.

Try our Shuttle Interactive Unit

You can also book any of our highly popular Road Safety Roadshow experiential learning tools.


RSA Shuttle

What you can do on our shuttle

  • Practice your driving and hazard perception skills on our car, motorbike or bicycle simulators.
  • Experience first-hand the dangers of driving and texting and driver fatigue.
  • Try the brake reaction timer to see how driving environments and speed affect your braking distances.
  • Learn about tyre safety. Tyres are your only contact with the road!

Book or get more information on Road Safety Week events