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Introduction to vehicle standards for agricultural vehicles

Important standards for agricultural vehicles such as tractors and low loaders.

If you regularly use your agricultural tractor for your work, e.g. farming, fisheries, forestry or horticulture, then there are important standards your vehicle must meet when using it on Irish roads.

Agricultural vehicles

Our videos explain many of the standards and regulations that apply when using agricultural vehicles on the road.

Download and read our Revised Standards for Agricultural Vehicles pdf | 1448 KB

Weights and dimensions for agricultural vehicles

From a road safety perspective and to protect Ireland’s road and bridges it is very important that all vehicles stay within their legal limits for weights and dimensions.

Agricultural Vehicles Weights and Dimensions Leaflet pdf | 153 KB

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Fast tractor testing

If your tractor has a maximum design speed exceeding 40 km/h and is used commercially, it may need to undergo a periodic roadworthiness test and display a certificate of roadworthiness (CRW).

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