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Visit our online support centre to get an answer to your query or access forms, leaflets and FAQs.  


Our top five queries

Below is a list of our five most commonly asked questions. If you have a different query, please use our online support centre to quickly look up the information you need.

Use our estimator tool to get an idea of when you'll receive an invitation to book your car driving test.

To get an estimated date you must:

  • Already be on the waiting list for a car driving test
  • have held your first learner permit for at least 6 months
  • have completed all EDT sessions and these need to be showing in your MyEDT account

Check waiting times now

Important! You won't see an estimated date if:

You were previously invited to book a test and didn't

You must complete this form to re-add yourself to the invitation queue.

You recently failed your test and reapplied

You'll automatically be invited to book another appointment 6 to 8 weeks after your failed test. This may take longer in some centres with high demand. 

You're not yet qualified or eligible to sit a test

You need to have held your first learner permit for six months and completed all driver training to be eligible to sit a driving test. All training sessions must also be showing in your MyEDT account at least 2 weeks.

You've applied for a non-car category

If you've applied for a motorbike, bus or truck driving test, you can expect a booking invitation usually within 10-12 weeks.  However, this may take longer in some centres with higher demand. 

If you failed your car  test and reapplied, there's no need to contact us. We will automatically send you another invitation 6 to 8 weeks after your failed test. This may take longer in some centres with high demand.  

Our customer agents can't offer short notice re-tests or cancellations so please wait for your invitation.

If you failed your test in another category (e.g. bike, bus, truck) and have since reapplied, we will invite you to book a re-test as soon as we reach your application in the queue.

Please note, the estimator tool won't show a date for re-tests or non-car categories.

This could be for one of the following reasons:

You applied for your card in the last four weeks

Please allow a minimum of 20 working days for your new card to arrive. It will be sent to the address provided in your application.

You haven’t completed your periodic training

Please check your training records in your MyCPC account.

Remember, to renew your Driver CPC card you must complete at least 35 hours of periodic training in your 5-year cycle (or 42 hours if you hold both bus and truck). Know more >

You only recently completed your training

Please allow up to 21 days for your MyCPC account to be updated. After this time, contact your CPC training provider directly. 

You completed your CPC module in the wrong cycle or out of sequence

If your module is showing as completed but in the wrong cycle please complete this form and we'll check your records.

Important: repeating the same module in a CPC cycle won’t count towards your training. 

You completed your training early, or your current card isn’t due to expire yet

Please check the expiry date on your current card. Once all training is completed, we'll send your new Driver CPC card closer to the time your current card expires. 

Your address has changed

Your new card will be issued to the address we have on file for you. You can check this in your MyCPC portal by clicking on the 'Update my details' button.

If you've changed address and haven’t notified us, your card would have been sent to your old address.  You should try to retrieve the card, but if this isn’t possible, you will need to complete a replacement CPC card form and pay the fee.


If none of the above scenarios apply to you, and you still haven’t received your new Driver CPC card within three weeks of your current card expiring, please complete this form, providing details of your query and we will be in touch with you directly.



No. If you were previously invited to book a driving test and didn't select an appointment within 10 days, you would have been removed from the invitation queue.

If you’re now ready and eligible to sit the driving test, you need to log into your MyRoadSafety account, view your waiting list application status and select 'Rejoin Queue'.

You will be emailed another invite when appointments become available at your chosen test centre.

You can apply online, or in-person at an NDLS centre.

To apply online

Please click on the relevant link below to get step-by-step instructions and a list of documents you need when applying online.

How to apply for a first-time learner permit or driving licence online

How to renew an existing learner permit or driving licence online

How to add a vehicle category to your learner permit or driving licence online

How to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged learner permit or driving licence online

How to exchange a foreign licence online

Book an appointment to apply in person

To apply in person, you must book an appointment to attend one of the 34 NDLS centres nationwide.

    Documents you need to bring to your appointment

    Book an appointment now