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Cycle safety campaign

RSA launch new cycle safety campaign with professional cyclist Imogen Cotter and Škoda Ireland.

While training in January 2022, Imogen was hit by an oncoming vehicle that was attempting to overtake another cyclist on the other side of the road.

She suffered serious injuries resulting in five surgeries and hundreds of hours of physio. Since the incident, Imogen has documented her road to recovery and is now working with RSA and Škoda Ireland on a safety appeal campaign reminding motorists to share the roads safely with those who cycle.



The campaign and road safety appeal are being made as new research published by the RSA shows a worrying increase in people being injured while cycling

The research found that between 2016-2021 there was 1,435 serious injuries recorded of people cycling. 9% of people seriously injured while cycling was a result of a hit and run incident and for each cycling fatality, there were 25 serious injuries.

The research also noted that failure to observe by other drivers was the most frequently noted action as cause for collision involving people who cycle.

Advice on how to share the roads safely with people cycling

  • Give the space to ride safe. Give people who cycle the space to ride safely when overtaking them (at least 1 metre in speed zones up to 50 km/h and at least 1.5 metres in zones over 50km/h). People who cycle can be thrown off course by sudden gusts of wind or when having to avoid uneven road surfaces.
  • Check mirrors regularly. Remember a person cycling could be in your blind spot so look carefully before you manoeuvre your vehicle.
  • Slow Down. If you are driving too fast, you will not be able to react in time to the presence of other road users. There is a 50% risk of deaths if a cyclist is hit by a vehicle travelling at 60km/h.
  • If you or passengers are getting out of a parked vehicle, make sure you check for passing people cycling before opening the door.
  • Cycling should be a fun and safe pastime. People who cycle also need to make sure their bikes are roadworthy and in good working order to include brakes, tyres, chain, 

Imogen Cotter is a professional cyclist and survivor of a horrific road crash while training in January 2022.

Our digital campaign in partnership with Škoda Ireland reminds drivers of the need to give space when overtaking people who are cycling.